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About Us

Food is Amrit Ratan – Grown with Five Elements Panchabhootas = Panchratan

Society can be bettered only through holistic and sustainable ways. The food we consume determines are Health and the Nation’s well being. Today, conventional farming methods have devastated Nature and polluted it with chemical residues, soil degradation, and ecological embalance. Purity has been lost.

All of Nature comprises five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. We must understand Nature’s laws in order to gain health, power, knowledge, wisdom and happiness. In recent past these five elements were ignored with terrible consequences. Several diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, are a result of conventional farming and indiscriminate use of synthetic fertilizers and deadly pesticides.


OM SHIVA AGRI FARMS had followed conventional farming methods from 1991 to 2000. We realized that our soils were degrading fast and our produced was lifeless. We identified the causes and applied the remedy by changing to holistic and sustainable farming. Mother Cow is the centre of agriculture. If we take care of Mother Cow, she takes care of Mother Earth!

From 2001, we protect MOTHER NATURE with a specific purification program at Dawn by chanting SACRED MANTRAS and Agnihotra ritual. This purifies the ETHER and AIR. WATER is purified with HOLI ASH, MOTHER EARTH is purified with COW URINE, AMRIT JALA and nourished with the NAVADHANAYAS, PANCHAGAVYA and several Natural Growth Promoters in Nano-particale size. High agricultural yields are possible by harvesting maximum sunlight (AGNI) for every square feet of leaf area. Pests and insects are controlled with decoctions prepare from leaves and herbs and companion plantation techniques. We use Vedic recipes from Vryksha Ayurveda and Krishi Parashara.

Cows are fed with pure grasses, supplemented with herbs like Aswagandha and Sathavari. Vedic music is played to cows every morning and evening. Ayurveda and Homeo medicines are used for cows. No harmful antibiotics are used. The Milk from our indigenous breed, viz., Sahiwal, is medicinal in quality. There is a growing demand for our milk.
All our vegetables are very nutritious and work like a medicine. In fact, we offer a dietary programme which can cure most of the diseases. Our vegetables and milk are invaluable like diamonds (RATNAS) and as they are gifted by the PANCHA BHOOTAS (FIVE ELEMENTS), hence we have branded them as PANCHA RATAN (Amoolya Aaahar).